El Paso Music Scene

Why there are No Passes for the EPMS Birthday Bash

I got a request from a band last night, that I put them on the guest list for the EPMS Birthday Bash. Even though they are all friends of mine, I had to turn them down. I am glad they asked, though, because this is something I really should clear up before the day of the show.

This is my first experience promoting a show. While I have gotten good advice from some other folks with lots of experience, I am having to figure some things out as I go.

To start, I need 59 paying customers before I break even. For a Sunday show, this might be tough. A lot of my high costs for the show is due to the fact that I am paying all six bands. I'm not paying them much, and all of them agreed to do the show without even asking about money, but I happen to believe that all bands should be paid. So, I made a commitment.

I also am letting each band have their own guest list, equal to the number of members of the band. As far as letting guys in other bands in for free, there are just too many. What I mean, is, there are many people in the different bands that are very nice to me. If I let some of these people in and not others, I am going to piss people off. If I let them all in, this could amount to a couple of dozen. I just can't afford that on this show.

In the future, it won't be so tough. As I begin promoting three or four shows a month, I figure there won't be many pass requests for any given show; it will be spread among the different shows, so I will be able to be more flexible.

I hope everyone understands.

Charles Hurley