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Sex Slaves Interview

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by Charles Hurley

EPMS: How many different members have been in the Sex Slaves?

Eric 13: Only three. Everyone else is just slaves. There's only three real Sex Slaves: Eric 13, Del Cheetah, and J-Bomb

EPMS: Who were Marty and Bry'n?

Eric 13: They were stunt doubles. Filled in on a couple shows.

EPMS: Something else I notice on some other interviews was the numbers. Sex Slave 13, Sex Slave 23, ... What is that about?

Eric 13: Well, when we first started, I was Sex Slave 13 and Del Cheetah was Sex Slave number 55. It was like an epidemic in New York; everybody had their own Sex Slave number. Every girl who came to our show gave herself a number. It just spread around town, so everybody's got their own different Sex Slaves numbers.

EPMS: That's pretty sharp. Did y'all have a special on the Playboy Channel?

Eric 13: We've been on the Playboy Channel a couple times. Sexcetera and, uh... Sexcetera twice. They did specials on some friends of ours, and we were the entertainment background. It's good stuff, good stuff there, Playboy TV.

EPMS: So all you did was play music, you didn't do any acting, anything else, right?

Eric 13: I have a piece coming up on Playboy TV, it's gonna be airing in the next couple months, but I can't disclose it now, my agent said I'm not allowed to talk about it 'til it comes out.

EPMS: All right, I'll have to look out for that.

Eric 13: I do a little acting, a little on-camera work.

EPMS: Yeah? Anything besides the Playboy Channel?

Eric 13: Acting? Well, Del, I don't know if you know this, Del was on General Hospital for two seasons. He played the love interest of Laura's daughter.

EPMS: Are you shitting me? LOL.

Eric 13: No, I'm serious.

EPMS: Hey, I don't know nothing about soap operas. You could tell me anything and I'd believe it.

Eric 13: That's a true story.

EPMS: Damn, I'm gonna have to go look for that.

Eric 13: And, uh, J, he's been on the Drum Network. J actually was on an ABC afternoon special, this is true. It was with Tory Spelling.

EPMS: Why did you personally start playing music?

Eric 13: You know, not on purpose, I was just compelled, you know. Ever since I was little, I would walk around the house doing air guitar to Kiss songs. So, my dad finally put one in my hand. I was about six years old. i've been playing ever since.

EPMS: I was reading one of the stories about you guys, saying one of you had older brothers, and you would be playing drums on the bed for their girlfriends. Was that you?

Eric 13: No, that was J. J's older brother, when he had his girlfriends over, J would set up a little makeshift drum kit on the couch out of tupperware, he would try to impress and steal his brother's girlfriends. Worked a couple times.

EPMS: Hey. At five years old, even. New York is so huge, why would you ever leave New York to tour? I'm sure you could be as successful as possible just doing New York, right or wrong?

Eric 13: Oh, absolutely wrong. Any band worth its salt has to be out on the road. You have to tour, unless you're a cabaret act in Vegas, you've gotta take it to the streets. There's a lot of people in New York, but you'll saturate your crowd and make it stale if you keep playing there every night. Plus, we love touring around the country. We get to see our friends and meet sexy young ladies in every town, and see all the sights of this great land.

EPMS: When I ask the bands from LA that, they always tell me that the LA crowds are spoiled. Is it the same in New York?

Eric 13: Well, New York is tough to crack, but if you're good enough... They love us in New York, but I wouldn't want to play in New York every day. They're definitely spoiled in LA. LA's not my favorite place to play, but there's a lot of nice girls there.

EPMS: I've seen your name mentioned a few times with Slunt. Do y'all know them?

Eric 13: We know 'em.

EPMS: My first road band interview ever was with them, so I'll never forget them.

Eric 13: Yeah? That's my girlfriend in the band.

EPMS: Which one?

Eric 13: The old bass player, Jenny Gunns.

EPMS: How long have y'all been touring?

Eric 13: Tonight, as you call us, we're in Las Vegas, Nevada. This will be the ninety-fourth show of the Bite Your Tongue tour, since our album appeared in June this year. Got another sixteen before New Year's, we're going to take a week off, then we're gonna do another two hundred fifty next year.

EPMS: Cool. How many years have you been touring?

Eric 13: What year is this? 2007? I don't know, I can't even keep track of the years any more. We 've been on the road so long.

EPMS: How many CDs do you have out?

Eric 13: We have two CDs. One is released in Japan, and one is released here in the states. That record went bronze in Japan, also. Special distinction they give only in Japan.

EPMS: Bronze?

Eric 13: Well, it's a Japanese thing. If you haven't been in Japan, you know..

EPMS: I'll head right over there, as soon as your show's over. How old are you guys?

Eric 13: Del's nineteen, J is twenty-two, and I'm gonna be twenty-four on New Year's Eve, I'm a New Year's baby.

EPMS: Did you ever get any money out of Jack Daniels for doing that song, Thank God for Jack Daniels?

Eric 13: Jack Daniels? They fucking love us. They invited us, they're going to have their hundredth anniversary celebration down in Lynchburg, and they invited us down to perform, we're still working on the contract.

EPMS: Do you have any other non-musical endorsements? I know you've been endorsed by Sam Ash.

Eric 13: We're sponsored by sam ash, I'm endorsed by Gibson Guitars, Del has a Durex Condoms endorsement, they send him condoms on the road, and J is sponsored by Converse sneakers. Best drumming shoes there are.

EPMS: How many condoms do they send at a time to Del?

Eric 13: They usually send like a fifty pack every ten days.

EPMS: LOL.. There you go. Who's the best band in the world, besides you guys?

Eric 13: Motorhead.

EPMS: I've seeen that quote from Lemmy of Motorhead about you guys.

When asked if there were any new bands that impressed him (Lemmy) - "I saw a good band called SEX SLAVES from New York - they were pretty good."

Do y'all know them?

Eric 13: It's just luck. Motorhead is the fucking greatest, anyway, but we were pretty honored that Lemmy shouted us out.

EPMS: Y'all in the band are all pretty close friends, aren't you?

Eric 13: Pretty close. Except for J, J doesn't like us very much. J tolerates us. Because we pay him so well, J puts up with Me and Del.

EPMS: What's the best band in New York, besides you guys?

Eric 13: Kiss.

EPMS: I was seeing something about you guys and a band called Banana something

Eric 13: Banana Fish Zero; they're a great band. They're some friends of ours. They were legendary in the New York underground, and good friends of ours, they recently broke up. Unfortunately, New York lost a great band.

EPMS: I was watching a video of a song of yours, 2 AM...

Eric 13: Where you getting all this old news, Charles? You got some old stuff.

EPMS: I just go down Google. What am I missing that's new?

Eric 13: Well, you know, we're living on the road right now. We're playing six nights a week, touring around the country, like I said. This is our ninety-fourth show, selling a shitload of records. Our song, Thank God for Jack Daniels, has been picked up on the radio, which makes us pretty happy. There's a bunch of stations playing it all around the country. We're hoping it spreads. We're gonna just keep playing on the road, going out, doing our thing, and trying to get over to Europe, over to Japan. We're thinking about touring South America, we had an offer to play with Iron Maiden down in South America. We'll see what happens.

EPMS: BTW, I don't know if you remember them, but the Cantina Flys are going to play with you on Saturday.

Eric 13: Cantina Flys? Yeah, we know those guys. They're some heavy El Paso rockers. J used to be roommate with the guitar player of the Cantina Flys.

EPMS: Ernie?

Eric 13: Yeah, Ernie and J, they spent the summer in Sioux City, Iowa, and that's how we became friends with those guys.

EPMS: Damn. I'll have to ask them about that.

Eric 13: Ernie's got some crazy stories about J down in Sioux City. He didn't go by Ernie back then. He had a stage name.

EPMS: I can only imagine what that name might have been. OK, great, anything else for your El Paso fans?

Eric 13: Tell everybody the Sex Slaves are coming. Hide your whiskey and lock up your daughters. The Sex Slaves are coming!

EPMS: Can't wait to see you again.

Eric 13: All right, looking forward to it, man. Take care.

EPMS: Bye-bye.