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NOTE: This isn't really an interview. I asked them very few questions, they gave me some answers, and I put the info together like this. I did do some editing of their bio for this. -C.H.

Robert Martinez (StilaFect)

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From left to right: Tony (guitar), Robert (guitar), Josh (singer), Jayson (bass) and OJ (drums)

Stila Fect was formed in March 2011. Our genre of music is hard rock, with some heavy metal and some instrumental beats. We are from El Paso, Texas, and have had the opportunity in our last band to share the stage with artists such as Hellyeah, Otep, Bloodsimple and Pod, along with local artists, Aftermath, Hank Of The Destruction Moose, Voyeur, Fall Of Catalina and many more.

Three of the members originally came from Killing Our Own. These members, Robert, Tony and Oj, decided to form a new band with a much different concept and sound; this band is Stila Fect.

Our bassist, Jason, has been a great friend for several years. Once he tried out for the band, we all knew we had found what we were looking for in a bassist. Our singer, Joshua, started singing in 2000 and sang for Undying Hate. He has also played with the bands, Crash Kennedy, 420 Flip and Speed Razor, and has opened for Cattle Decapitation (Metalblade Records). He has also played guitar for Man of Sorrows, and played bass / backup vocals for Athirea Wept. Most recently, he sang for Texas Roadkill. Most of our members have known one another for some time, and that's what makes us a great band; we communicate well with one another on a respectful level, and understand what each of us wants and is willing to bring to the band.

Stila Fect is:
TONY - Guitar
ROBERT - Guitar
JASON - Bass
OJ - Drums

EPMS: Whats the difference between Killing Our Own and StilaFect?

Robert Martinez: StilaFect a new driving force in the local original music scene. We are trying to set our self apart from everyone else. Sound, performance style, creativity, drive and determination.

EPMS: How so?

Robert Martinez: SOUND: We are incorporating electronic sound FX into our music, still with that hard rock edge.

PERFORMANCE: Actually practicing certain choreograph type of in-sync, movements.

STYLE: But never sacrificing ability to actually play by creating a visual and audio conceptualization.

DRIVE: Everyone in the band is individually motivated and driven in turn making this band a forced to be reckoned with.

DETERMINATION: Our attitudes and personalities are all on the same page which has allowed us to accomplish meeting deadlines and write music creatively and edgy.

EPMS: Is StilaFect Gonna Tour?

Robert Martinez: Stilafect is going to tour for sure but right now we are focusing on our music and getting out there so that we can have a following.