El Paso Music Scene

Mike Corleone Interview

by Charles Hurley

EPMS: Your myspace page lists your hometown as "Las Vegas/El Paso, Texas." How much time do you spend in each place?

Mike Corleone: Since my management is out in Vegas, I'm there six months promoting, and now I'm back in the great unknown city of El Paso to promote and make my final push to puttin my city on the map wit my new single "CITY I WAS BORN IN" ITS SO SERIOUS AND THEY LOVIN IT OUT HERE!!

EPMS: How much time per month do you spend on the road?

Mike Corleone: Well, I wanted to do a whole Southwest tour including Phoenix, Vegas, New Mexico, and all of Texas, but now my main focus is bringin some artist love to the city. I'm talkin to an A & R in New York for a major label who's trying to get me a distribution deal, so thas my main focus. Now, its shows locally if we can get it poppin.

EPMS: At what places do you perform regularly?

Mike Corleone: I jus got back from Vegas, trying to lock my Hot EP sound thru out the Southwest, and I did a couple big shows out there. One even for the sema car show which was bot 10,000 people out there

EPMS: How long have you been performing?

Mike Corleone: Been performing since 2002. Started rappin in Central Texas and now have done shows all through the lonestar state

EPMS: What got you started?

Mike Corleone: Got me started performing was the feelin I got from the love from the audience man! vibin wit you and jus movin to the music

EPMS: Yeah, but how about the very first time? What was your motivation to get up and do it?

Mike Corleone: Man, it was a old group I was wit out in Central Texas. I was reppin 915 hard and I jus had to set it off! Every since then, its been like a mission I been on to put my city on the map and be proud where I'm from!

EPMS: Going a little off-topic, what is your favorite sport?

Mike Corleone: Favorite sport ha? Gotta be basketball. I thought id make it to the pros after high school. I love the game and always played it. Now I love to watch. I was five rows up all star weekend in Vegas; it was off the chain!!

EPMS: Who are your favorite national rap/hip-hop artists?

Mike Corleone: Dead or Alive? My favorite artists either way are Notorious BIG, Nas Jay-Z, scarface and UGK. As far as my main influence, then I listen to other few for commercial help mostly for nationwide visibility like slim thug, T.I and lil wayne. There's a few others, but I feel like I belong up there wit those big names.

EPMS: How about locally? Who are your favorites?

Mike Corleone: Theres a few, but you won't know their names haha! Mo Wood from the norfeast like myself, GBanga his production is sick, Nameless, Supastar and they whole crew off the eastside. I'm a fan of a lot out here.

EPMS: Name the people that do the most to support rap/hip-hop in El Paso.

Mike Corleone: To be honest, it's not too much local love in this city. They ride whatevers, hot somewhere else which is real sad. But, my people in the northeast and some dudes off the east end is really tryna make moves to get El Paso artist heard and RESPECTED. That makes me happy.

EPMS: Who are your biggest influences?

Mike Corleone: Like I said, I'm from the old school, so its a lot of Scarface, Biggie, Jayz, Nas, Pac, UGK, and those b4 them. Most of what we puttin out now is watered down. I wanna get heard and then hit em wit somethin new. Even tho what I talk about is real, its definitely time for change.

EPMS: Thanks for the interview, Mike!

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