El Paso Music Scene

EPMS: What do you call what you do, and what does it involve?

Flipcyide: What I do, from my point of view is DJ and produce Hip-Hop music, but to me I still consider it a part of music in general, since music is a universal language. What it involves for DJ is two pairs of turntables, whether vinyl or CD, and any decent DJ Mixer. I can do varations from mixing to scratching with records or CD's. For producing, well thats a lil more complicated. I use quite a bit of equipment, such as Pro Tools, Akai MPC 2000XL, Korg Synthesizers, Keyboards, or whatever I can get my hands on to make Hip-Hop beats. There is tons more equipment I can use, but these are some of my favorites.

EPMS: How long have you been doing it?

Flipcyide: I have been DJing for at least fifteen years now, and producing for nine years.

EPMS: What got you started in it?

Flipcyide: Oh wow, thats always one of my favorite questions cause I never forget how I got started. I remember the first time I saw the movie "Breakin" and they were having a battle and Ice T was on stage rappin and then they cut to the DJ real fast and he was cutting/scratching the record with his hands and I was like Whoa!!! I wanna do that. So I started using my mom's record player to try and do it, but was tearing up and destroying all her records, lil did I know I need some sidearm turntables and a scratching needles to do that, lol, hahahaha....so I stopped for a while till after high school when I ran into my two friends and crew members Nukleus and J. Conna that they help me get back into DJing and helped me get the right equipment I needed. Producing came a couple years later after that, `cause I just wanted to learn how to make my own Hip-Hop beats also, instead of just spinning other Hip-Hop beats as well.

EPMS: Who are the national DJs and producers that you look up to?

Flipcyide: Oh, most definitely, that would be Tony Touch, first 'cause he opened up a major door for all latino DJ's/producers like myself, so major respect goes to him for that. I also respect DJ. Premier, RZA from Wu Tang Clan and DJ. Scratch from E.P.M.D.

EPMS: Who are the local DJs and producers that are the best, besides yourself?

Flipcyide: I believe there are actually quite a few, but from the ones I know would be DJ Pooh 1 (Power 102), DJ Mark X(Power 102), DJ Metronix, DJ Sounds, DJ Bless 1ne, and DJ. Rafikki as DJ's and as producers who are making the hottest beats I heard so far are S.A.L., JBL, Arkatak from The Giantz, DJ. Bless 1ne, Nukleus, Semantics, Metafisix, FYL Productions, and my peoples doing there thang at Paradox Studios.

EPMS: So, what are you working on now?

Flipcyide: Right now, I am working on many projects. Here is a list for whats coming this year and next year: I got my Slept On Vol. 2 Mixtape hosted by TWO FIVE (50 Cents Cousin), (Flipcyide's Crew) Addictz In The Lab - Either Your With Us L.P., Flipcyide and NPlayz (Switzerland) - The Mission Force Mixtape, Slept On Vol. 3 hosted by Paul Wall, Flipcyide - My Words Instrumental Mixtape/Album, S.A.L. and Flipcyide - Untitled Instrumental Album, and pretty much anything else that comes up the music never stops in our studio.

EPMS: What does the future hold for flipcyide?

Flipcyide: The future for Flipcyide holds music in my life always. The way thangs are going right now with my mixtapes is really good and it feels nice to have the chance to work with Hip-Hop Icons like Two Five and Paul Wall, who are already hosting my two latest mixtapes, and it also feels great to be working with Hip-Hop legends and well-respected artists like Rampage, Lil Dap, Ras Kass, Mykill Miers, Shabaam Shadeq, Ali Vegas, Royal Flush, Tony Touch, and, well, you get the idea, lol, so I am going to continue to work at it and earn my place with the rest of some of the biggest mixtape DJ names in the industry, and still continue to produce and work with some of the best names in the business. I would also see great thangs for my crew Addictz In The Lab (Nukleus, John Conna, SubConsuz, P.I.L.L.S., and Nameless) in the future after the album comes out we will be in the process of doing a Flipcyide/Addictz In The Lab world tour beginning of 2008. So, I see the future holding lots of good thangs for me.

EPMS: Thanks for your time, Flip.

Flipcyide: You're welcome, Charles, and thanks for everything.