El Paso Music Scene

Epitha mini-interview

EPMS: Give me your names:

Hog: Everyone calls me Hog.

George: George.

EPMS: Where'd ya get the idea for this show tonight, having comedians with bands? Have you ever done that before?

Hog: No, we haven't done it before. That's why we wanted to do it. We're trying to pull a bigger crowd, and no one likes our music, so we thought maybe the comedy crowd would bring more people. LOL.

George: I didn't even know about this show until I saw it in the newspaper. This is how I found out.

EPMS: Which newspaper?

George: Tiempo.

Hog: Atomic Pink's not the only one that gets in the paper.

EPMS: How long have y'all been fans of atomic pink?

George: Umm...

EPMS: Which member of Atomic Pink is the hottest, how about that?

George: Suzie, is there a girl named Suzie? If there is a girl named Suzie, she is the hot one.

EPMS: There is a Samantha, I know that.

George: That was, what's her name? from...

EPMS: Bewitched?

George: No, I'm thinking, Charmed, Who's the Boss...

Hog: I figure, whoever has the best rhythm.

EPMS: How about AI Solar? Maybe it's just me, but I was thinking they sure sound a lot like Epitha.

Hog: No, they're much better.

George: Yeah.

Hog: LOL. The drummer kicks ass!!! I love the new sound from them.

George: That's gonna hurt some feelings. The singer, I love it. 110% better. They're a lot better.

EPMS: Where'd you originally come up with the idea of the toys, as you call them?

Hog: It comes from the 1970s, actually. It's from an old hippie guy, Reed Ghazala, that used to re-wire speak and spells and turn them into musical works of art, things like that in the 70s.


Hog: ET. LOL. But there's a whole group of people out there that are doing it. There's even conventions in museums that showcase circuitbent instruments. For a lot of people, it's a very artsy thing to do. The only thing is, a lot of them start out as electricians, or "performance artists"; they modify toys, add some computer/multitrack recorder, and they put on a show just based on squeaks and squeels. I wanted to use it from another angle. I started out as a musician and I went into electronics and I do it more as a musical kind of thing. I try not to over do it, although, I'm itching to go into some crazy noise stuff.

George: Little bit different.

EPMS: Who do you look up to that does that kind of stuff?

Hog: I don't really know. There are some amazing inventors out there that really help me out when I get stuck on something (bending an instrument)

George: I haven't heard of anyone I could say that I like that does anything like it. The closest thing to weird stuff, probably be anything by Mike Patton.. Faith No More..

Hog: Mr Bungle, Tomahawk. Yeah, but no one uses it the same way that we do. Trent Reznor (from NIN) uses circuit-bent instruments (specifically a casio sk-1). I'm sure he has a lot more, but we don't get to see all that stuff because he keeps most of his toys in his recording studio... but you can hear some cool sounds that he samples from them and then uses later in a song. I could sample my stuff and just make it a hell of a lot easier for the soundguys, but the musician in me doesn't want to be on stage just pushing buttons, I like to interact with my stuff.

EPMS: What's next for Epitha?

Hog: Hopefully, we can all get together as a band and actually practice, write better music. Maybe one day we can actually leave El Paso and do something; maybe we can influence the country scene in Nashville.

George: That'd be fine.

EPMS: One more thing: where'd you come up with the name, Epitha?

Hog: It comes from a prayer, and, uh, we spell it wrong. And we're not like religious freaks or anything.

EPMS: You're just on your knees a lot?

Hog: LOL. No, it's a prayer about when this deaf man, couldn't hear, and Jesus put his fingers in the guy's ears, and when he took them out the guy could hear again.

George: I googled that.

EPMS: What is the Epitha part?

Hog: The name of the prayer. About that time in history.

EPMS: Thanks a lot. What's with the baggy pants?

Hog: Let's me hold a lot of stuff. When I'm excited, no one can tell.

EPMS: And when you go to the movies, you can bring in a lot of food?

Hog: Salami, Ham...

George: Whatever's in your pocket, man.

EPMS: Thanks a lot.